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 The Douglas's

In late 2023, a family member had a surgery that was expected to have a three day recovery period, but led to a three week stay in the hospital and the need for dialysis that may become life-long.  The person needed several additional weeks of rehabilitation with dialysis in a skilled care facility before returning home.  After spending many days working with hospital personnel to find a facility with no success, we contacted Nick Hibbs of Assisted Living Helpers.  Nick listened carefully to the patient's needs, asked good questions, and responded very quickly.  Within 24 hours, he contacted several local facilities, informed us of the status of each facility, and found two openings.  In addition to locating facilities, he provided information about dialysis services and the name of an organization of volunteers that drives patients to dialysis facilities within the community.  Nick was knowledgeable of and had in-depth relationships with area facilities and services.   During a difficult time, his organization was caring, professional, and fast and provided outstanding service to our family.

 Yvonne Wynn

Nick is a very loving and caring Assisted Living Helper. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him and he’s taken good care of me as I go through the process of finding a senior living facility. He goes over and beyond the call of duty by being concerned about seniors, their living arrangements, and their lifestyle of living. He takes care of us to the best of his ability. May others continue to use Assisted Living Helpers to care for us in this season of our lives.

Mary Pulliam

I am so thankful for the help provided to me by Assisted Living Helpers. I am the primary caretaker for my husband, who has dementia. We were in the middle of a medical crisis that placed him in the hospital and the hospital social workers strongly encouraged that we should find a senior community to live in rather than him going to live back home. My daughter had heard about Assisted Living Helpers and connected me with their representative. My advisor was really empathetic of my situation and understood all the details that would be important to us in finding him a place to live. Also, my husband had aggressive behaviors due to his dementia and I knew that would make finding him a place more challenging. Assisted Living Helpers completely took away the burden of having to call communities and discuss our needs and our budget. They quickly found us a place for him. These times are already challenging enough as I care for my husband, grateful for the support of Assisted Living Helpers during our time of great need.

Melinda Walker

"I was made aware of Assisted Living Helpers when I asked for suggestions on Assisted Living/Memory Care facilities via a Facebook retiree group I belong   to.  Someone responded with info on Assisted Living Helpers and to contact Nick Hibbs.  I also saw an article in the ARC newsletter on anyone needing help navigating options for Assisted Living to stop by or call Nick Hibbs at Assisted Living Helpers.We were looking for Assisted Living/Memory Care facilities in Bloomington/Normal for my dad who has dementia.  I contacted Nick and he was able to put me in contact with several facilities.  He also provided suggestions on questions to ask as well as what to observe when touring facilities.  We narrowed facilities to two, but then family also wanted to see what was available in Little Rock, AR where my dad lives.   Spoke with Nick and he was able to send us suggestions on several facilities and even scheduled meetings in Little Rock.

I would highly recommend Assisted Living Helpers if you are considering Assisted Living/Memory Care facilities.  The process of reviewing, contacting facilities and asking questions can be very overwhelming.  Having a contact that is familiar with all the processes and potential questions to ask was very helpful."

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